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Includes: 3 wine samples
Estimated duration: 30 minutes
Price: 10€ per person

classic tasting

Includes: 5 wine samples, small platter of cold cuts
Estimated duration: 90 minutes
Price: 20€ per person

grand experience

Includes: 7 wine samples, a platter of cold cuts
Estimated duration: 120 minutes
Price: 30€ per person

experience superior

Includes: no sample limit, sample from an archive botltle and a large platter of cold cuts
Estimated duration: 210 minutes
Price: 50€ per person


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Mobile phone number:

+386 704 853 52

When booking please state the desired date, the package that you prefer and the number of people. When booking via e-mail please also state your phone number, in case we need to reach out to you, as the communication is faster that way.