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Our History

First wineyard


Although we didn’t produce bottled wine from the beginning, our ancestors started perfecting the craft of winemaking since being a part of the Austrian empire. All those generations gathered knowledge and learned how to adapt to nature through the years, only that it can gift us with the most excellent wines. We use all this knowledge today to make our wines as good as possible



We’ve been producing bottled wines for four years back then, so we wanted to test them for quality. We have sent three wines to a wine fare for grading. Merlot 1994 and Tokaj 1995 won gold and Beli pinot won bronze.

First production


Before 1991 Slovenia was under the communist regime and all farmers had to give large portions of their crops to an agricultural cooperative. That included grapes so no one could produce enough wine at home to have it for sale. All that changed in the summer of 1991, when Slovenia freed itself from former Yugoslavia. That brought the free market and the next year our family decided to focus more on winemaking and we produced our first bottles.


Our wine farm is found in a small country named Slovenia in central Europe. In the west of the country, there’s a wine region Goriška brda which has ideal conditions for winemaking. Our farm stands in the core of the said region.


Whoever has visited the region of Brda, must have been persuaded of the charm of this small Slovene region at the western border. The region of Brda is picturesque and the local inhabitants hospitable, therefore more and more travellers who want to discover something completely new come to visit. With its peculiarities, especially the enological and gastronomic ones, Brda can easily compete with the better known and more besieged Tuscany and Provence. Nevertheless, Brda is Brda, original enough not to need comparisons of any kind at all. Brda offers countless invigorating moments, experiences which make people return here for years, in all seasons.